The Healers Market is an effort to create a family of natural therapy practitioners and healings artists to offer our skills to our communities. Often times healers work as an island, or isolated within their practice. Creating a space that is multidisciplinary mutually inspires healers and the community. The Healers Market is also an opportunity to facilitate interactions between community members with our common interest: To heal ourselves and one another.

Our practitioners express a common moral of all-inclusive, high ethical practice, collaboration and our efforts for the greatest good.


April 28, 2019

Humanist Hall, Oakland, CA  12-6pm

390 27th st

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The Bay Area has always expressed a rich culture of magic, activism, and consciousness since the 60’s and it strongly permeates to this day.

We gather together all types holistic practitioners and healing artists to celebrate our ability to support and heal ourselves and our communities.

Kick off the spring with a day of community, rejuvenation, and healing.


This is a wheel chair accessible event and will not be scent-free as there are herbal and plant based products.


For any questions, please contact Chase: