Brian Di Marino // Thee Dragons Hoard

IMG_5594Thee Dragons Hoard:
Specializing in handcrafted, one of a kind gemstone wire wrapped pendants and other magical items such as smudge fans and crystal wands. All items are personally created by the artist and infused with Reiki and mindful intention.
About the Artist :  
As an artist I am a graphic designer by trade but entered the world of wire wrapping a little over a year ago. I pride myself in my ability to create intuitively which not only allows for the creation of stunning pieces but also helps me connect the right person to the right stone & design. As a reiki practitioner, I infuse all of my work with universal energy and allow spirit to guide me as I create. I strive to make sure my work speaks to those who view it on a physical and emotional level. As I dive deeper into my artistic & spiritual journey I have found my self drawn to the creation of crystal wands and smudge fans. I firmly believe that practice and Intention is the key to growth and manifesting of ones highest self.

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