Light SisterZ // Spiritual Healers + Angel Mediums


We are International Spiritual Healers who blend divine sparkle with diverse tools to encourage Kings and Queens to step into their power and unlock their truest potential.
Together we offer a holistic approach to mind, body and soul connection through a range of in-person and online classes, workshops and world wide retreats. The focus of our work is deepening spirituality and bringing healing, by using a variety of tools such as energy work, dream interpretation, and numerology. At the core of our work is ancestral healing, specifically from African descent, to help kings and queens access their truth, understand their ancestral roots, activate self-healing and discover their spiritual purpose.
Teaira is an advanced Numerology Practitioner, Psychic Medium and also specializes in Dream Interpretation. Today Teaira is working on her Ph.D. in Metaphysical Counseling as she continues to trot the globe sharing her divine sparkle.
Dumebi specializes in Ancestral and Past Life healing, she is a Psychic Medium and Reiki Practitioner. Today Dumebi is working in her Ph.D. in Metaphysical Counseling as she continues to smile on her travels around the world sharing magic at each stop.

They are excited to be stopping by the Bay Area again for a few weeks! The Light SisterZ continue to host retreats, classes, workshop and events internationally and within the US. Check out the events they are hosting in and out of the area on their website at

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