Carly Bialosky // Intuitive Tarot

IMG_2189Carly is Consciously Connecting to lessons of life through a loving compassionate lens. “I am here to use my gifts to help guide my clients through self-love, wellness and tarot. I work with an empathic and intuitive approach to readings; bringing peace and clarity around personal and professional development. I am humbled to be of service to address the root cause of pain/frustration/confusion with my clients, while allowing them to move forward in a peaceful and grounded way. Together we will look at a plan of action for powerful and lasting results.” Although Carly only began her spiritual journey in 2016, She has been in the fast lane of learning growing healing and creating conscious connection to self, environment, and the collective. Through spiritual healing and connection to self this has been a dream in realization. Consciously Connecting is opening to the growth process as an ever changing lesson. Connecting to the support around you becomes your peaceful guidance through the game of life. Through tarot prompts and intuitive connection Carly will support you in understanding what the future may hold… while also supporting you to understand how you may function in creating your desired outcomes in life! Mission. I am an infinite bloom of Conscious Connection. I will use the power of love to guide hearts, create and sustain connected sense of self, while understanding challenges as tributes to your version of best self. Vision. Support clients to realize and understand uniques abilities through realizing and understanding self. Purpose. Deciding to connect to oneness each day as a lifestyle. Routine, sacrifices, and accountability to self practices & self care Target Market. All that are looking to connect with their spiritual self and bring light and good to others here now and leaving the world better for those to come. Popular Concerns. Will I find love, have children, or get married?…depends on if you are willing to go within and shift to produce, attract, or open you heart for that love. I hate my work, Which job best suits my needs?…What are your needs? do they support you? do your needs support the jobs you are seeking? Why does this keep happening to me?… did you learn the lesson of this repetitive cycle? Have you created changes to support a positive shift? I am in such a bad place, I don’t know what to do! are you surrounding yourself with loving kindness? are you hanging out with assholes? are you taking care of your mind body and soul?

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